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commercial locks

Commercial Locks

Whatever your commercial security
requirement, Squire's range of innovative
and time-saving security products are
purpose-designed to better protect
your business.

Our expertise spanning four centuries is unrivalled.
Technological innovation is our trademark, producing
market-leading industry-specific security solutions
that match your individual requirements.

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business, click on the relevant link:

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Squire SnapSafe Lock Cylinder - after attack Squire SnapSafe Lock Cylinder - before attack
Squire Anti Bump Lock Cylinder Squire SnapSafe Lock Cylinder
The challenge to protect building sites is one we take
very seriously.

Our specialist primary security solutions for construction sites include an extensive range of Stronghold® padlocks and cylinder locks.

All of our standard range of cylinders come with high security patented anti-bump and anti-snap features to protect against physical attack.

Our master keyed locks are state-of-the-art - one authorised key holder has the 'master key' to a series of locks. These locks have individual keys as well as one key that opens all.

Construction sites are busy places, vulnerable to theft. Our uniquely designed construction key is the ideal way to keep the integrity of your Squire Stronghold® security cylinder master key system.

For building refurbishments where new cylinders need fitting, there's no need to hand out your master key, simply give out the construction key instead.

And when the job's complete, simply insert your master key into every cylinder and turn to deny access to the
construction key.

Check for more information on products and services for the construction industry:

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Housing Associations and Landlords

Key Keep combination protected safe
Key KeepTM combination
protected safe
You can ensure your property is completely protected with Squire's pioneering range of intelligent and innovative access control solutions.

Anti-bump and anti-snap features are included as standard with our comprehensive cylinder range.

Other useful and innovative solutions include Squire's Key KeepTM, a combination protected safe where you can store keys, giving access to builders, cleaners and careworkers.

Click for more information on products and services for housing associations and landlords:

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Schools and Universities

Security products for schools and universities
click here for more information on Squire classroom door cylinder
Special classroom cylinder
prevents the teacher from
being locked out of the classroom by pupils
The specific security needs of schools and universities are many and varied - from protecting lockers to controlling access to buildings.

Our masterkeying services and colour-coded padlocks are ideal for managing locker systems. And there's our extensive range of heavy duty perimeter protection measures with padlocks and chains for gates and outbuildings.

We can guarantee you have enough key variants for all your lockers - our padlocks have thousands of key differs.

Colour-coded padlocks are ideal where quick and easy identification is important. Individual areas can be assigned their own colour - year one lockers can be red, year two can be blue and so on.

Our keyed alike service minimises the amount of keys that managers and caretakers must control - why have numerous keys when one key fits all.

Significantly, we've pioneered a special classroom door cylinder, preventing teachers from being locked out of a classroom and allowing emergency access in critical situations.

Click here to view Squire's brochure of products specifically for schools and educational establishments.

Links to more information on products and services for schools and universities:

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click here for more information on Stronghold padlocks
Stronghold® padlocks

Never before have utilities companies been faced with such complex security challenges with employees, contractors and third parties all needing managed access to facilities.

The nature of remote sites makes tight access control, the safety of personnel and the efficient response to deliberate break-in a management priority.

Controlling remote access is a major problem for all businesses large and small.

Issues include:
  • Hundreds of unmanaged keys which may have been lost or stolen
  • Difficulty controlling secure and time restricted access by outside contractors
  • Unauthorised people accessing sensitive or potentially dangerous areas, without detection
  • Risk of theft from property without a record of entry.
With hundreds of locks and keys, the logistics of managing conventional security is complicated, costly and time consuming.

Inevitably keys get lost, there's no ability to time restrict access and no audit trails of activity.

Links to more information on products and services for utility companies:

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Self Storage

Padlocks for self storage use, branded with your company's logo and colours
A variety of market-leading padlocks for storage and self storage are available from Squire.

In an industry where 'key differs' are of paramount importance - so the same key cannot be used to open different locks - Squire has pioneered a preventative solution so your customers can ensure their items are safe.

Our Stronglock range is ideal for self storage customers requiring medium level security, whilst our higher security Stronghold® range offers maximum security protection.

Padlocks can even be branded in company colours and logo.

Links to more information on products and services for
self storage:

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The Squire Stronghold range of padlocks
Now more than ever, the locking of heavy goods vehicles is a critical issue for transport companies.

Squire has introduced a range of security products for the road haulage, airport, rail and shipping industries.

Choose from a high security durable and weatherproof range of padlocks such as the Stronghold® range.

Links to more information on products and services for transport uses:

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Farms and Parks

Weatherproof padlocks for outdoor use
click here for more information on chain attachments
Squire chain attachments
Squire has pioneered several ranges of weather and rustproof padlocks with an exceptionally long lifespan.

In particular, Squire's Old English, All Terrain and Laminated ranges offer excellent durability outdoors.

Combining high security padlocks with our equally strong and robust chains brings outstanding perimeter control.

You can save time and administration with our keyed alike systems, where one key opens a multitude of padlocks. Why have numerous keys to manage when one key can fit all.

Links to more information on products and services for
farms and parks:

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Heath and Safety

click here for more information on Squire lock off
Squire lock off
For businesses large or small, the health and safety of staff and visitors is critical.

Squire not only helps ensure your property is protected, but importantly that your people are safeguarded with our range of protective security measures.

The Squire 'lock off' locks down potentially dangerous equipment and its function can be enhanced by the use of colour-coded locks.

Master keyed systems are ideal for those seeking padlocks to protect areas with a health and safety significance.

These systems allow different access permissions to different key holders. One authorised key holder can hold a 'master key' to a series of locks under their control - these locks have individual keys as well as the 'master key'.

Links to more information on products and services for health and safety applications:

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