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Get an inside view on our great range of combination bike locks

We go behind-the-scenes at Squire with our video on advanced combination bike locks.

Called Squire combination bike locks – the ultimate defence this short video gives you an inside view on the evolution of Squire’s new integrated range of combination bike locks, the first globally to achieve Sold Secure Bronze and Silver ratings. 

It features interviews with managing director John Squire, senior design engineer Jim Gollings and technical director Glyn Green, who talk about the development of Squire’s uniquely patented TORQ DRIV™ technology in its new MAKO™ Combi and Hammerhead™ Combi cycle locks for urban cyclists.

Viewers can check out how this recoding mechanism has been developed exclusively by Squire's in-house designers to ensure the lock cannot be accidently recoded.

John Squire also talks with pride about Squire’s long heritage and its importance as an eighth generation, independent family-owned British lock manufacturer.

This video is available in English, French, German and English subtitles at Henry Squire YouTube channel