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How to keep your bike safe at home this winter

Bike theft is big business with as many as half being stolen from in or around the home. And the risk increases with the darker winter nights when potential thieves have more cover for longer.

Whether you’ve put your bike away until the weather improves or for keeping your bike safe overnight, here are our top tips for home security.

Best secure your bike indoors

If you have space, or the desire, to keep their bike inside your home, it’s probably the safest place.

There are many options for tidying your bike away such as wall mounts or removing wheels and pedals to make it easier to store.

But always remember to lock your bike at home, whether it’s in a corridor, flat or halls of residence.

Lock it in a garage

The general rule is never to leave your bike locked up overnight in a street or where it can be seen from the road, like a front garden or iron railings.

If you have a garage and you’re able to store your bike inside one, first make sure the garage itself is seriously secure.

Always lock all possible entrances into the garage by investing in high-quality locks, garage defender, padlocks and hinges

Then lock your bike to an immovable object inside your garage. It’s worth investing in a hefty ground or wall anchor which can be bolted to the floor or wall of your garage and used with a chain and padlock combination or cable lock.

To make it significantly more thief-proof, look for industry certified Sold Secure Gold motorcycle standard wall anchors and chains.

So for peace of mind if someone breaks into your garage your bicycle will still remain secure and protected.

Get your shed secure

Wooden sheds can be seen as an easy target as they’re less robust and easily accessible through windows and doors.

But you can make it more secure by toughening up on your shed’s defenses and regularly checking the condition of hinges, hasps, and padlocks, replacing them accordingly.

Use a high-performance combination padlock which is supported by the independent crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers. But don’t go over the top on external security, the more locks you have, the more obvious it looks like there’s something inside worth stealing.

And you should consider the strength of the glass you have in the windows. Better still have no windows at all or make the glass opaque to stop thieves spotting your bike.

Keeping your bike safe outside 

If you have no alternative but to store your bike outside, make sure you have extra outdoor security.

If your bike is kept in the garden, make sure it’s not visible and that gates to your garden and the perimeter are secure.

Invest in a heavy-duty padlock to lock a gate and check for any fencing panels that may need replacing.

Try to lock your bike where it’s well lit. Security lighting is a good way to light up the vulnerable areas of your garden.

Consider storing your bike in an insurance approved steel bike shed with multiple locking points designed to keep your bike safe inside.

Secure your bike to something solid and immovable, ideally with a ground anchor in concrete or a wall-mounted anchor.

Above all make sure it’s locked properly using a heavy-duty padlock and chain (preferably two) that are certified Sold Secure standard. A bike lock should be threaded through both wheels and the frame before locking it to something immovable. Just locking the wheels makes it easy to steal the frame.

Combining some of these methods will help to deter most thieves.