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‘Thank you’ Gill for 46 years

Turn back the clock to 1970.  It was the year when Ted Heath was prime minister, ‘Bridge over troubled water’ was a number one hit, and footballer Alan Shearer was born.

And it was the year when Gill Lloyd joined Squire at the age of 16, when we were based in Willenhall.

Gill started out assembling locks and can openers at Squire, and now she’s is celebrating her retirement after 46 years.

Since working here, Gill’s seen great change at Squire, which then employed 350 people.  And she’s known four generations of the Squire family.

“It’s been great working at Squire, right from the start I loved working there,” said Gill, who said she had no immediate plans, just to rest and enjoy spending time with the family.   

CEO John Squire said: “We wish Gill the very best in her retirement.  She always worked hard and we’ll miss her bubbly, happy character and her fantastic sense of fun.  Thank you, Gill.”