Napoleonic Wars

In the early 1800s, Squire supplied locks to the British Army in the Napoleonic Wars. This led us to develop the first lever padlocks. Before long we were supplying locks to companies across the British Empire

Famous Padlocks

In the 1920’s, plywood replaced solid timber as the material choice for mainstream furniture. This meant that there was less demand for the mortise lock, so we moved away from furniture locks to focus on padlocks.

Learning New Skills

In 1939, we were awarded a government contract to supply parts for the British Army. To support the war effort, we used our skills to make precision engineered machine gun gauges, machine gun links and torpedo parts.

A Global Brand

In 1960, global demand for our locks reached such a level that we decided to invest in a new warehouse to keep up with the orders, and our team soon grew to 350. Today we are the world’s most experienced lock maker.