Our Cycle Locks

In 1963, we launched the first range of cycle locks in the UK. This was incredibly innovative and ahead of its time. We have continued to refined our range and now make some of the toughest cycle locks available.

Our First Award

In 1968, we were awarded the STARPACK national packaging award for our cutting-edge blister packed padlocks. We were the first UK hardware company to launch this new innovation and our design is still in use.

Our Padlocks

We are constantly improving our padlocks – from launching our iconic Old English and Laminated locks in 1954, through to the lever hi-security Defiant padlock in the 70s and the first LPCB approved hi-security padlock in 2012.

Our Inventions

Our quest for innovation has led us to influence other industries and even invent the first can opener. But we are probably best known for inventing the first modern padlock – a design that is now emblematic of today’s locks.