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Squire’s new world-beating Behemoth lock and chain set secures Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond rating

Our toughest ever lock and chain set for the security conscious motorcyclist has achieved Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond rating.

Made in Britain, Squire Behemoth lock and chain set is a beast in every way.

It features the world’s strongest production padlock - our new 100mm wide padlock with a dual 6-pin tumbler cylinder for double security and a solid hardened steel lock body with electrophoretic, anti-corrosion finish.

The closed shackle version weighs a massive 4.3kg with 20mm diameter hardened boron alloy steel shackle that’s nearly impossible to cut.

And the lock is capable of a tensile pull of over 24 tonnes – equivalent to the weight of 2 double decker buses.

Behemoth’s 22mm diameter chain is constructed of the highest quality hardened alloy steel and is 1500mm long, and when combined with the closed shackle lock, it weighs an incredible 21.5kg.

Its Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond rating means the chain is uncroppable with hand bolt croppers.

Behemoth is testament to Squire’s reputation for ‘toughness guaranteed’, said CEO John Squire.

“Nothing compares with Behemoth, which is designed as the toughest and strongest ever lock and chain set for motorcycle security at home or at work, and for chaining motorcycles to ground anchors.

“We’re very proud that it’s achieved the Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond standard, which is a mark of uncompromising security for motorcyclists.”

Behemoth is sold exclusively in the UK by Bickers. Visit